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Welcome to Tagua Lodge

We invite you to enjoy a special world where hospitality in combination with typical elements of the region create a unique style achieving a cozy retreat.
The atmosphere connects our guests with the nature and magic of the ocean.
In the social areas you can enjoy the garden with terrace, hammocks and barbecue area.
Equipped with a kitchen so that our guests can prepare their own breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Enjoy your stay at Tagua Lodge where time has its own rhythm.

Tagua Lodge - Manglaralto - Full Tour


The individually designed rooms give a peaceful and authentic atmosphere.

Each room is equipped with Italian ceramic floors, air conditioning or a ceiling fan and have private bathrooms with hot water.

The individually designed apartments give a peaceful and authentic atmosphere.

Ideal for longer term guests who'd like a bit more comfort.

Big enough to feel like home.

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Activities in Manglaralto & surrounding areas


Considered as a Mini Galapagos, it is the first attraction of the touristic National Park Machalilla. Located at 40 Km of the coast of Puerto López.


Enjoy a guided surf trip at the best spots with our friends Álvaro and Anita.


Guided trip to a hidden waterfall and natural pools.
Get in connection with nature, flora and fauna.

Breaching humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California.

Humpback whale watching boat trip between august and october in Puerto López.

valdivia-parque-marino entrada

It is an animal rescue center where you can observe various marine species.


The Ocaso Bar in Manglaralto is serving the best drinks and cocktails in front of the beach.

Tagua Lodge


Calle 10 de Agosto y Flavio Alfaro

Manglaralto, Santa Elena

Tel: +593 (0)981377119

Email: [email protected]