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Bus from Guayaquil to Manglaralto

From Gquil  – go to the bus terminal.

There is a bus company called Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular. They call it CLP for short.

There are 2 options:

Option 1):

Go to the CLP counter where they have two windows: 1 for buses going to Montanita and another window for buses going to Salinas.

Go to the one going to Montanita and ask for a Ticket for Manglaralto @ $5.25

There are 10 buses per day coming directly, non-stop from Guayaquil to Manglaralto-Montanita. schedules are: 5h00, 6h00, 7H00, 9h00, 11H00, 13h00, 14H00, 15h00, 16h30 and 18h30. They are safe, comfortable and give a good service. Not so punctual (most of the time departing 10 to 15 min late).

I recomend being there 60 minutesw earlier, if its a weekend, to make sure you get a place. Or 30 minutes earlier if its weekdays.

Then tell the bus guy that collects the tickects to let you know when they get to Manglaralto. Get down at the bus stop called @ Hospital bus stop. We are like a block away. You can ask mostly anybody about Hosteria Tagua and they will tell you.

Option 2:

If you miss the direct bus to Manglaralto, then go to the CLP window that goes to SALINAS.@ $3.50. This bus will drop you off (2 hours later) at the Bus terminal of Santa Elena. Once in this Bus terminal, you ge another bus that takes you north to MAnglaralto/Montañita. The buses that go from Santa elena to Manglaralto are 2 companies. one is called CITUP and the other is called MANGLARALTO. The bus ticket is about $1.50