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The first loaf I attempted was at a beautiful hostal on the coast in Manglaralto.  Tagua Lodge is run by Luis and his girlfriend Caty who couldn't have been more helpful or accommodating.  With photos of their open-air kitchen and semi-industrial oven, I was itching to put mi Madre to work.  With two handleless pyrex glass pans and a little finger work from Luis, we produced a gorgeous crusty loaf of purple levain laced with caramelized onions.  Everyone at the lodge gathered to nibble, asking many questions about the leavening power of mi Madre.  But soon the humidity of the region set in and the crust softened.  It continued to toast wonderfully though and for several days we feasted on the 2 lb. loaf...  Baking in Ecuador


Manglaralto: A Quiet Alternative to Montañita, Ecuador

Following five weeks living on the sand dune behind Playa Kamala, it was time to walk 10 minutes into the small town of Manglaralto and stay somewhere where we could cook in our own kitchen, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and find new and interesting people and adventures. Here’s what we found…

Tagua Lodge

We found the perfect place to stay just four blocks from the sea in the quiet town of Manglaralto. We could still hear the sounds of the sea and feel the ocean breezes though our window, and we had the opportunity to meet and know Tagua Lodge’s supremely hospitable owner, Luis.

Luis, who lived in New York as a child, speaks perfect English and his passions include making pizza and spending time on his farm not far from Tagua Lodge itself. His cabañas are lovely and clean with hot water, big windows, and comfortable beds. We felt like we were in heaven...   Thrifty Drifter

Montanita: Ecuador’s beach party town or Manglaralto...

After a three hour bus ride from we were standing on the side of the road in Manglaralto. Luis had said we could ask for directions from anyone in town, so we did. The first shop we found, I asked for Tagua Lodge, and the lady smiled, said “Luis?”, and showed us the way.

And how pleased I was to have stumbled across this spot! Gorgeous rooms, all individually decorated, often by previous inhabitants with an artistic flair. A candle lit hammock area. Two large outdoor seating areas, and even an entirely outdoor kitchen.

It felt like home as soon as we walked in the door, made even more so by Luis, the welcoming owner, who lives on site and clearly loves this place, opening it to friends from around the world.

Manglaralto seemed to be like that; a homey place, about as far from Montanita as would seem possible... Finding the Universe

Volunteering at Tagua Lodge, Manglaralto...The work we did!

For an insightful blog about how the Tagua Lodge was constructed, read on... Andres Turner