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  • Out of Doors Kitchen with bread oven!

Welcome to Tagua Lodge, Your Home at the Beach in Mongralalto, Ecuador.

“One of the coolest hostels to stay at is the Tagua Lodge. They have clean rooms and a communal outdoor kitchen. Luis Chavez, the owner is a keen organic farmer, and tries to supply his kitchen exclusively from his own farm Finca Experimental AgroEcologica in El Pechiche nearby.

Manglaralto is easy to find. It is directly off of La Ruta del Spondylus, about 4 km south of Montañita. Just turn off the road, and you are 4 blocks from the beach. There are two entrances. One at the south end right next to the Tauga Lodge and another at the north end.”  EcuadorBeaches.org

• Tagua Lodge features Private Rooms with Bathroom and Hot water.

Lodge has an out of doors kitchen with refrigerator, gas stove, pizza and a bread oven.

• Free WiFi in all rooms and common areas.

• Easy 3 block walk to the beach.

• 20 minute walk along beach to Montañita and a $2.00 cab ride to Olon.

• Campsites with bathroom, shower, hot water and free WiFi.

• Best Rates in Manglaralto!

 Tagua Lodge – Your Home at the Beach in Ecuador, is your chill out spot on the Ruta del Spondylus.